Slogan Wine Group is a result of the great passion for wine and the profound culture surrounding the enjoyment of wine. But more than that, it is the aspect of sharing and the prospect of benefiting from life experiences among families and friends that render Slogan Wine Group its meaning. Wine is a perfect catalyst for relationship building, an inspiration for beauty and a celebration of the good life. Hence, the mission of Slogan  Wine  Group  is  to  select  and secure the best productions of wine  from  all  over  the  globe  and  bring  it   to  our   consumers   and   the   specific

collaborations with each vineyard/winery partner makes our wine portfolio distinctive and interesting. The diversity of continents, nations and regions offers a vast spectrum of taste profiles, perspectives and enjoyment. With a focus on developing intimacy with our wine makers as well as the consumers, together we learn everything from the meaning of "terroir" to the methods of tasting in order to enhance our understanding of this magnificent "drink of the gods" and our appreciation for the world surrounding. Pricing is particularly important to us. We strive perpetually to bring our consumers the best value for the money.